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See the Lakeshore Asylum Cemetary Project.

PSAT's AGM is coming in July!


Mission Statement

The Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto is dedicated to ensuring that the rich history of people who have experienced the psychiatric system is preserved for our community and the wider community as a resource from which everyone can share and learn.

The Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto began meeting regularly beginning in January 2001. We are a group of volunteers working together to preserve the rich history of people who have experienced the psychiatric system.

PSAT is a grass roots organization that is run for and by psychiatric survivors to preserve all aspects of our history. The Archives seeks to reflect the broad diversity of views that are expressed by all people with a psychiatric history however they choose to self-identify.

The emphasis of our archives will be on a critical perspective including anti-psychiatry that is primarily produced by psychiatric survivors whether institutionalized or in the community. First person expression in all media formats on this topic are particularly welcome. The need for these archives has grown out of a recognition that our history has too often been ignored or trivialized by main stream historians, researchers and medical professionals.

PSAT is constantly evolving as we develop, so please watch for future developments in the months and years ahead.


Poetry Through the Ages
A commemoration of poetry by psychiatric survivors. Read one of ours, share one of yours.

Saturday, March 2, 2013
1 - 5 pm
May Robinson Auditorium, 20 West Lodge Ave, Toronto.

roar of words
circling us
in a clearing
we are swaying
letters playing
loud or slow or faint
our own


with thanks to ruth ruth for organzing the event.

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