See Agatha's historical site about the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

Also see the Psychiatric Survivor Archives, Toronto.

The Lakeshore Asylum Cemetery Project

In a cemetery at the corner of Evans and Horner in Etobicoke 1,511 forgotten people are buried. These people were patients of Mimico Insane Asylum, later called Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, between 1890 -1974. When the hospital was closed 1979, the cemetery was closed to further interments. The people buried in the cemetery have been forgotten due to the prejudice against people with a psychiatric history. They are forgotten no more.

The Lakeshore Asylum Cemetery Project involves the restoration and maintenance of this cemetery. The work is done by a group of volunteers from the community who have been meeting since January of 2006. Many of the people working on the project have had experiences with the mental health system. The group is dedicated to restoring and maintaining the dignity of those who are buried there.